Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our High School Plan

This is our basic high school plan. Of course, each child is different, with different needs and different missions, but this outline guides us. They often are doing a lot more high school level work than is listed here, but because they are already doing those things (violin, piano, traveling to South America, serving at the Care Center, folk dance class, LDS seminary, etc) I don't put them here.

High School Graduation Requirements for Flake Family School
            Complete math curriculum of choice through Trigonometry (Life of Fred, Saxon…)
CLEP Algebra
Run a business for at least 6 months
*Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? Maybury

                Skills will be developed and demonstrated in Notebooks
                Regular tutoring for revising and editing papers
                Grammar course (before or during highschool)
                100 Greek/ Latin roots memorized per year
                Brave Writer Help for Highschool

Read books on Best Books list and write about each one—plot, characters, message. We will give you the essay questions.
Create a favorite poetry collection
*Standard Works
*3 Dickens
*3 Shakespeare
*Lilith or Phantastes
*2 Austen
*Screwtape Letters
*Pilgrim’s Progress
*How to Read a Book
*As a Man Thinketh

                Create a history notebook. Details on following page.
                *The Great Prologue
                *Other Eminent Men of Wilford Woodruff
                *Biography of a Latter-day prophet
                *Books listed in each history section

                Read the books on list and write a summary of each one.
    *The Book of Mormon and the Constitution
                * God, Family, Country
                *The 5000 Year Leap
                * The Law

                Complete notebooks for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
                *Man, His Origin and Destiny
                *Men of Science, Men of God
                *The Word of Wisdom, Widtsoe, or other book on nutrition
                *The Fallacy Detective

                Be able to sing parts (participate in choir)
                Be able to accompany hymns on piano

                *El Libro de Mormon
                At least basic conversational ability

ELECTIVES (6 total, 2 terms each)
                Geography (Around the World in 180 Days) Full year
                Piano Tuning
                Composing Music
                Family History
                Great Composers




History Notebook

Your history notebook is a history textbook written by you.  You will be able to use it to teach history to any age group because it will be your reference book.

Your notebook contains 18 chapters:
6 from Ancient History
Adam to Abraham
Ancient Israel
Time of Christ
 6 from Fall of Rome to Rise of America
Middle Ages
Renaissance and Reformation
Age of Exploration
War for Independence
Miracle in Philadelphia
6 Restoration to Present
                Beginnings 1800-1820
                Restoration 1820-1840
                Civil War
                Trek West
                World Wars
                Modern Times

To create your notebook, you’ll receive a page with words for word studies, required book list, and suggested resources.

Each chapter contains the following pages or sections
                *Heroes of the Era page (include brief bios and tell about their noteworthy qualities)
                *List of all books read with short summaries of each.
                *3 essays:           Detailed biography of one person
                                           Narrative Essay showing cause to effect of an important event of the era
                                           Essay: “What I learned by studying this time period”
                *Word studies
    *Project—complete one for each chapter.  Keep a record of research, lists of reference      material used, photos or other record of finished project.
   *List of resources for further study
   *Timeline page

(In another post I will list our high school level history books. They include a lot of great literature. A good textbook for history though, if you're looking for one, is Quest of a Hemisphere.)

Science Notebooks

Create 3 notebooks, based on studies in science textbooks for Chemistry, Physics, and Life Science. These notebooks will become a textbook written by you, that you could use to teach any age group.
For each module include:
                Vocabulary page
                Diagrams copied from book
                Lab reports for each experiment
    One chapter summary based on information and questions in study guide as well as the   things that were most impressive to you.

Weekly tutoring will help guide you, as well as referring often to the study guide to be sure you understand the content of the module.