Thursday, March 6, 2014

What To Do About Preschool?

            I know many parents are wondering what to do with their little ones. With the government's push right now for early intervention, many parents of little ones are left wondering if what they are doing is enough. If you're one of the worried ones, you may be relieved to know that doing normal, natural, everyday activities is actually just what little ones need. To read about the science behind this, read this article.
            Now maybe you're thinking, if I don't do any intense academics, what should I do? Here's a website dedicated to giving parents ideas for the just the right kind of activities.
            I also recently read a great article about preschool in the magazine Home School Enrichment, called "Wake Up and Smell the Crayons". The author, Susan Stewart, kindly emailed me a pdf of it.
            YOU are the parent. You are the best possible teacher for your little ones! That's the way the Lord made things to work. Let Him teach you how!